How It Works

At, our goal is to help people find the best roofers in their location and have the ability to obtain multiple quotes at one time.

What Do We Look for in a Roofer?

Our criteria have a number of different components that vary from state to state based on the specific licensing criteria of each state. We look at things like:

  • Are they insured?
  • What do their online reviews look like?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Are they bonded?
  • Do they have a working website?
  • Is their main scope of work experience in roofing?
  • Are they certified by specific manufacturers?
  • Do they offer warranties for their work in addition to the manufacturer warranty?

And more…

How Accurate is the Information Provided?

At, we do our best to review and keep our roofers up to date. However, it is difficult to update all information all of the time, so please note that individual listings might not always reflect the most current information available.

We also work with individual roofers in our listings and offer them the opportunity to update their information on an as-needed basis.

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