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Roofing Guides

Choose the right roofer, don't get scammed, and learn more about the materials that go into a project. Our guides will help better prepare you for the project at hand.

How to choose the right roofer for you

How To Choose the Right Roofer

Here are 5 tips on what to look for when choosing the right roofer for your project. This process can be very costly, so it’s important you come prepared with the right questions to ask your contractor.

Veterans home renovation grants

Home Renovation Grants For Veterans

There are many grants available for veterans to take advantage of for home repair and renovations. Check out our guide for more information on all the different grants, what they offer, and how you can qualify for them.

Seniors getting scammed on solar

Solar Scams Targeting Senior Citizens

Here’s a warning to all senior citizens looking to repair or replace their roofs. Read our guide on how to protect yourself from getting scammed by solar roofing frauds.

8 Types of Shingles

8 Types of Shingles (Pros and Cons)

Learn about the 8 types of shingles and their pros and cons. Our guide can help you weigh your options and decide which type of roof shingle is right for your home.

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